What is Etch?

Etch is a student-run, non-profit marketing and graphic design firm.  We provide non-profits, ranging from the food bank in McPherson County to the Museum of Automotive History in Rochester, MN, with the marketing and/or graphic products they so require. In conjunction with McPherson College, Etch is intended for students enrolled at the college and wishing to receive internship credit and experience through Etch Marketing & Design. Created in November of 2012, Etch has seen support from numerous non-profits in McPherson and the surrounding communities. We are expanding our services by adding new graphics and marketing packages for clients, making the experience with Etch even more exciting, easy, and enjoyable.

Mission Statement

The mission of Etch Marketing & Design is to create competitive, cutting-edge marketing communications available for use by non-profit organizations; a non-profit for the non-profits.

Who Benefits?

There are 75 churches and 42 registered non-profit organizations in McPherson County alone.  Not only do the non-profits benefit by receiving marketing communications they did not have before, the students of McPherson College benefit by getting real-world experience in marketing and design through this internship opportunity. Contact us today! We look forward to helping you and your non-profit define yourselves.